Monday, December 28, 2009

Top Chef: A History

Part of what have inspired and defined our cooking adventures are our Top Chef competitions. Even though we've since learned that our events hardly resemble "Top Chef" (I think the rules are more similar to Iron Chef or something), we've created some pretty amazing meals. Here's a summary of our Top Chef nights . . .

Top Chef I

Secret Ingredient: Banana

Dinner Creations 3.24.07
Top Chef at 1849 Church St.

Team Bernie: Chris, Bill, Dominic
Team Beni: Doug, Meredith, Rebecca

First Course Team Bernie:
- Mixed greens and kale with banana vinaigrette salad dressing, cranberries, slivered almonds and banana chips
- Banana crumb crust with fresh crab and lime

First Course Team Beni:
- Banana bread with candied walnuts
- Wild basmati rice with cranberries and green onions

Main Course Team Bernie:
- Turkey filets fried in a meringue crust
- Plantain mashed potatoes with garlic
- Mixture/stuffing of plantains, chipotle peppers, raisins, hollandaise sauce

Main Course Team Beni:
- New York strip steak with red wine reduction sauce and carmelized onions
- Fried plantains
- Sauteed spring vegetables

Dessert Course Team Bernie:
- Banana custard in mini pie crust topped with strawberries

Dessert Course Team Beni:
- Homemade banana ice cream

Winners: Team Bernie
Rematch!: TBA

Top Chef II

Secret Ingredient: Onion . . . worst ingredient ever. Bill's onion bread "dessert" was a serious disaster. Everything else was pretty great.

Top Chef III

Secret Ingredient: Apple

Top Chef IV

Secret Ingredient: Tomato

We covertly held Top Chef IV at my parents' house without their permission, so there are no photographs of this event. Of course they found out anyway. Also, there were technical difficulties such as the lack of an impartial judge. This has resulted in an epic argument over which team had the worst dessert, with no objective party to intervene. Bill maintains that my team's tomato ice was disgustingly over-vinegared, whereas I maintain that his team's tomato-basil ice was equally, if not more, heinous.

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